Yule Tides

Feature Film
Written by Debra Markowitz
Story by Debra Markowitz and Michael Fedele
(Investment Opportunities Available)


After the loss of his surviving parent, a downhearted Christopher closes the chapter of family memories during Christmas time, only to realize that you can go home again.


The small town is still the same and, for the most part, everybody likes it that way, but Christopher, having earned a reputation for finding trouble throughout most of his younger years, has changed.

His plan, upon arriving, was to settle his mother’s affairs, pack up everything in the house as fast as possible and then get out of the sheltered town just as quickly.

As fate has it, he runs into Maggie, once a scrawny, geeky classmate, who has blossomed into a local artist with some success.

Christopher, determined to prove that he’s become a responsible adult with only good intentions, finally wins Maggie over. But in a town known for gossip and grudges, some things never change. Christopher stumbles upon bags filled with cash and, just like days gone by, he makes an unfortunate decision. Now his relationship and his freedom are in jeopardy and has a shaken Christopher looking over his shoulder.

The Camera

Yule Tides will be shot with the RED Komodo X 6K Camera. RED cameras have been used on major television shows and movies such as: And Just Like That, Nobody, The Morning Show, and many more

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