Upcoming Projects

Porters Way Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches, a guarded woman escapes a marriage-gone-wrong and ends up stranded in a quaint western town with a cowboy who has secrets of his own.

Crewing Up

An ambitious filmmaker takes an unconventional path to fulfill her passion.

Fundamentally Correct Jesus

Infuriated with how society falsely portrays him and uses his name in vain, Jesus decides to set the record straight.

Written by Debra Markowitz


Raj, the owner of a computer company dreams of being an actor despite his wife’s protestations, but his thick accent and Shakespeare monologue close the door on him until he helps a woman prepare for her daughter’s class event.

Trailer Park Afterlife

by John Marean

A man wakes up in a coffin in the afterlife and must resolve his fears or continuously live through them until he finds a way out.
Written by John Marean