Let Us Write For You!

If you have an idea you are struggling to write out, we here at Intention Films and Media can help. Debra Markowitz is a published prose writer who accepts commissions. Aside from writing novels, she can also compose film scripts or recommend someone who can. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our writing services. Take a moment to view Ms. Markowitz’s Writer’s Reel below and get a sense of her talent.

If you are an actor who needs more footage for your reel, we can also write an appropriate piece for you or give you sides from our library of works already written.

Also, check out what people are saying about the three tales comprising Debra’s Karmic Wind trilogy, all available for purchase below. The reviews are in and critics can’t get enough of them!

More about the Karmic Wind trilogy: Naked in the Rain, Sarah and Caleb, Karmic Wind

The first tale of the Karmic Wind TrilogyNaked in the Rain is the story of 47-year old widow, Norah Edwards, who meets 23-year old James Ross in a bar in Montauk, New York, one lonely day in September. Norah takes James home, and he soon discovers that she has as many secrets in her past as she does scars on her back. Twists and turns abound, each passage building to a surprising crescendo in this sexy novel. James helps Norah pick up the pieces of her life as she aids him in finding a direction of his own.

The second book of the Karmic Wind TrilogySarah and Caleb is a prequel to Naked in the Rain. It is a love story between the young, strong-willed Sarah Worthington of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and Caleb Thompson, a handsome craftsman from Northern Pennsylvania. Caleb teaches Sarah the ways of physical and intellectual love as they dedicate themselves to helping runaway slaves before the Civil War calls upon Caleb to fight for the North. When a villainous friend returns wounded from the war, he wreaks havoc until his reign of terror is ended in a chilling climax. This tale of love, loss, deception, redemption and survival takes its characters to deep, dark places and back again. Life goes on, but love never dies.

Angela Dawson has it all – beauty, brains, brilliance and a bold determination to change the world for the better. When John Connell accepts an associate position in Angela’s office, he sets out to melt her icy facade. The walls Angela put up to keep people out also keep dark secrets in. While battling her intense attraction to John, the feeling that they’ve known each other before haunts her. Despite her desperate fears, Angela begins to reveal herself to John. When the unthinkable happens, John and Angela’s flourishing connection is threatened, and their love is put to the final test. As the past and present collide, Angela and John have one last chance to get it right.