Affiliated Works

Debra Markowitz wears many hats. Aside from writing, casting, producing and directing films for IF&M, she does that for other producers as well.  You can learn more about those films here.

Shoot Me Nicely

Shoot Me Nicely explores the New York City art and fashion world through the eyes of photographer Sean Wheeler (John Behlmann). After losing his cushy magazine job, and his superstar status, Sean is forced to take odd jobs to pay the bills and his rent. Recently, his agent Layla (Linda Hamilton)has been working overtime selling Sean’s paparazzi pictures to the local press, while she attempts to get him back into the spotlight of the fashion world.

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** WINNER of the Best Pilot award at the prestigious, Oscar-qualifying Hollyshorts Film Festival 2017! **


Stuff is a character driven lesbian film about a married couple raising two daughters who find themselves in a mid life crisis where grief and attraction threaten their domestic nucleus.

Please take a moment and enjoy the trailer for this timely and touching film. STUFF has won awards in film festivals all over the world and we’re proud to announce it now has distribution! Please visit Aspire Film Productions for more information.

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Living with the Dead

Max McLean is eighteen years old and she can’t get out of bed. Since her boyfriend Adam killed himself over a year ago, Max has been using sex, drugs and parties to help her ignore the pain until one day she wakes up in a hospital, having taken a nearly lethal dose of sleeping pills. While being haunted by visions of Adam, Max runs away from home and ventures into the forest with a curious young man named Ish.

Living with the Dead has been living on the film festival circuit all throughout 2015!

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And be sure to take a moment and watch the trailer for this beautiful film.

The Man From the City

A mysterious businessman visits a small town with questionable intentions as he contemplates leaving his big city life behind.

The Man From the City has been burning up the film festival circuit in 2015!

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My Cross to Bear

Producers Glen Allen and Peter Bongiorno bring you a new movie based on real events and a young man’s survival from years of abuse from the same people that were supposed to nurture and protect him

​My Cross to Bear has one numerous awards and is available on DVD on our website. Please LIKE US on Facebook and take a moment to watch the trailer for this poignant, illuminating film.

Junkie Heaven

Doyle Burkett is a junkie and will do anything to get his fix. After he wakes from a night of using, Doyle is greeted by Alexander, a spiritual being who gives Doyle the choice between life and death. Now Doyle must steal an ancient artifact that will tip the scales of good versus evil or go with Alexander into the afterlife.

Be sure to view the trailer for this engrossing thriller.

Choice: Mother

Choice: Mother is an awareness film dealing with Death with Dignity. Debra Markowitz has written, and will be directing Brothers, what was to be the second film in this series. More information as preproduction begins.

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