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“Debra Markowitz may just be the Jacqueline Susann of her generation. While her NAKED IN THE RAIN revolves around more simple lives than the entertainment industry’s movers and shakers depicted in Susann tomes, Markowitz is no less sexy, bringing characters to life with a sensual style that almost makes you blush while reading. She doesn’t foresake great storytelling for sex, but incorporates the two in such a compelling way that the phrase page-turner seems to take on new meaning.” – Bill Lieberman, In Touch Magazine

“This is a riveting first novel, a story of love and betrayal, of survival and triumph. Naked in the Rain is an inspirational story, at once triumphant and penetrating.” – Bruce Feinberg, BMF Studio

“This book was a surprise and a pleasure to read. Debra Markowitz crafted a very strong heroine in Norah, who practically sets the pages on fire with her sensuality. I expected your typical romance, but this was so much more and I found myself reading it very late into the night. I can’t wait to see what Debra has in store for her readers next!” – Beverly Fortune, Long Island Press


​”Debra, your books were spellbinding! I couldn’t wait to finish Naked in the Rain (loved the surprise!) so I could go on to Sarah and Caleb and ultimately Karmic Wind. What great reads they were. I would like to say, I can not wait to see what your next book(s) will be! Another trilogy maybe? Again, thanks or sharing your talent.” – DS

“Debra, I’ve read your trilogy novels. I could not put them down. You are an amazing writer. I hope you continue to amaze us with your talents.” – SL


Sarah and Caleb is a beautifully crafted drama of sensuality, sorrow, and the brutality and beauty of life, and love, in war torn America. Markowitz’s words bring to life the depth of emotions, and complications of life, that permeated the families of the 19th century. It feels purely cinematic in its delivery.” – Julian Adams, Strongbow Pictures

“Think a small-scale Gone With The Wind with some provocative and memorable between-the-sheets action that would have more than burned Atlanta down. Debra Markowitz marks her sophomore literary attempt with rich characters, believable dialogue and descriptive locales that prove once again that hers is must-read storytelling. You will sorely miss Sarah and Caleb and crave more of Ms. Markowitz’ tales after reading the final chapter.” – William Lieberman, In Touch Magazine

“Debra Markowitz does not disappoint! Sarah and Caleb is a page-turner – an insightful and passionate story woven with intense sensuality and sensitivity.” – Kory Mills Diskin, Jade Productions

“Set against the backdrop of one of our nation’s darkest hours, Debra Markowitz crafts an intricately woven and moving tale of incredible strength, heroism and a love that conquers even death. My only disappointment was that [Sarah and Caleb] had to end. I will miss these beautifully written characters. I highly recommend it.” – Shari L. Umansky


Karmic Wind grabs you and doesn’t let go! It’s a fine tale of blossoming love, but also a story that isn’t afraid to hit the reader in the gut. The second half was great human drama, a story of desperation anyone can relate to; and the best part is you don’t see it coming! Karmic Wind gets inside your head and your heart and it stays there; that’s all you can ask for from a great story.”  – Adam Johnson

“I thoroughly enjoyed the characters. It was easy to relate to them in so many different ways. Once again, Debra Markowitz doesn’t disappoint in capturing just the right amount of emotion, passion, heartache, love and devotion with Karmic Wind! I didn’t want the book to end.” – Judy Aguirre-Picone

Karmic Wind was wonderful and moving in ways I did not anticipate. The story line has twists and turns that are really fun and kept my attention. Ok – I cried it was so sweet. I’m a sucker for a breakthrough! It was a great weaving of the threads of the three stories. What an excellent execution of a wrap up without hitting the reader over the head. The writers of LOST could learn something here!” – Joan Klemm