Just Look Into My Eyes

“A professional psychic is questioned by her driver as to what tricks she uses to fool her audiences, and a sexy game follows to find out where the truth lies.”

Couple of Guys

In Couple of Guys, musician Jon and divorce attorney Richard have the perfect marriage… until Jon’s maternal instincts kick in and Richard’s ex-wife, who is still in love with him, interferes in their lives.​

The Only Woman in the World

An up-and-coming film director is torn between forgiving the lover who broke her heart, and risking it all for her leading man.

The Waiting Room

When the one you’re waiting for doesn’t arrive alone…

The Waiting Room was written, directed and produced by multiple award-winner Debra Markowitz and executive produced by Emmy award-winning actress and former Rockette, Jennifer Jiles.

The Waiting Room stars Jennifer Jiles, Ciarán Sheehan, Heather Brittain O’Scanlon, Justin L. Wilson and Noelle Diane.


A heroin addict awakens from a suicide attempt and learns that he is the sole descendant of Jesus Christ. The problem, he doesn’t want the gig.

Written and produced by Shari Goldstein Umansky and directed, produced and cast by Debra MarkowitzCHOSEN stars film icon Cathy Moriarty and Arash Mokhtar.

The Last Taxi Driver

Dorman O’Merain is pissed. He refuses to give up his taxi route when most of the inhabitants left in post-apocalyptic America are zombies. But sometimes the remaining humans are less predictable than the zombies.

By Blood

On the night of his wife’s burial, Vincent shares with his brother, Jimmy, information that will change their lives and their relationship, forever. 

By Blood is a sexy, dark thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Sometimes leaving is the only way home.

Emily Hemming has a husband, children and life she loves. Events beyond her control cause her to leave her family, but she clings to them knowing she can’t stay. This spiritual journey of knowing when to let go is a lesson for us all.


Drug addict Bobby contacts his estranged brother, Danny, with the ultimate dying man’s request.

Anthony Grasso (Person of InterestGothamBlue Bloods) and Michael Wolfe (Maybe Tomorrow) star in this challenging drama written, directed and produced by Debra Markowitz.

The Choice

The Choice, written by Debra Markowitz and Roxanne Alese, is the first episode of The Rocking Chair Series, a series of stories by Roxanne Alese. This thrilling short will be directed by Debra Markowitz and stars Susanna GuzmanJennifer JilesTom Ryan and Ciarán Sheehan.