News Archive: 2018

  • Congratulations to John Marean for winning Best Cinematography for his work on The Dancer at the Brightside Film Festival in NJ.
  • Congratulations to Cathy Moriarty for winning Best Actress for her role in Chosen at the Brightside Film Festival.
    John Marean has signed on as DP in Gina Rodriguez’s short film, Our Time is Up, filming in April. Debra will be the AD on this shoot.
  • Congratulations to Debra Markowitz for her interview in News in Entertainment. Read More
  • Debra Markowitz appeared on Governor’s Talk Radio, tTime with Theresa – Read More
  • Post production continues on Couple of Guys and The Only Woman in the World.
  • As The Waiting RoomChosenThe Choice, and the script for The Only Women in the World continue their respective festival journeys, we are proud to say that the pilot for Couple of Guys and the filming of The Only Woman in the World feature film have been wrapped, and will be in post through 2019.
  • Don’t forget that you can see The Last Taxi DriverLeaving and By Blood on Amazon Prime!!