News Archive: 2019

  • John Marean enjoyed gaffing and gripping for Emily Dinova’s, Transit: A Modern Fairytale.
  • The Waiting Room will be screening at the Cutting Room International Film Festival during October 20 – 21,  2019. More details to follow.
  • Post continues on The Only Woman in the World (Rob Reilly, post-production supervisor), Couple of Guys (editor, Marc Riou), Gem and the Photo Op (editor John Marean) and Puppetman (editor, John Marean).
  • We continue to raise money to film more episodes of Couple of Guys.
  • Living Like Kings, written by Anthony Labriola, will be directed by Debra Markowitz in August.
  • Confidant, written and directed by Debra Markowitz, will be filmed in December 2019.