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"Debra, congratulations on your film The Waiting Room. I caught a brief piece of it in a preview at the festival, but watching it finally tonight it seemed as effortlessly written as it is adorable to watch with a fragile balance of sweet and surreal pathos played by all. It is really lovely film, Debra, and thank you for sending it. I am still in awe of the selflessness of the actors and their commitment to your film is where it should be... completely with you. Thank you again, Debra. Be safe. Stay brave." - Emmy award-winner and multiple Golden Globe nomineeArmand Assante

When the one you're waiting for doesn't arrive alone...

The Waiting Room was written, directed and produced by multiple award-winner Debra Markowitz and executive produced by Emmy award-winning actress and former Rockette, Jennifer Jiles. Jennifer also stars in the film as Janet.

The rest of the cast:

Tim: Ciarán Sheehan, Phantom for Broadway's Phantom of the Opera

Ann: Heather Brittain O'Scanlon, actress and media personality

Kieran​: Justin L. Wilson of Madam Secretary.

Angelique: Noelle Yatauro from the award-winning webseries, Wildcats

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​​The Waiting Room