​Creating films with a message... films that matter...

"Debra Markowitz is a consummate professional. I have viewed several of her shorts. Her films represent a woman with an exceptional vision for storylines and casting. She brings realism where necessary, and is able to create material for her stories which haven't been seen before. Extremely impressed by her ability to bring so much emotion to her audience, and surprise them with her unusual creativity in other projects. She is an exceptional writer with unique thoughts that make her stand out from all the rest. Looking forward to viewing her new projects." 

Roxanne Alese, Writer/Director and Film Reviewer for Sundance and TriBeCa Film Festivals

"A quick note to any of you who have not yet done yourselves the pleasure of watching Debra's films: I've reviewed several of her movies, and I can tell you that she is a rare talent. She makes deeply affecting and human films that serve as entertaining AND thoughtful social commentaries, often with a fantastical undertone in the writing and always featuring breathtaking cinematography on the screen. If you haven't seen The Last Taxi Driver, if you haven't seen Leaving, if you haven't seen By Blood, fix that problem NOW - you are missing out on the initial stages of a strong independent talent you will be hearing a LOT more about in the future, I guarantee it!"

Nick La Salla, movie critic/reviewer