​Creating films with a message... films that matter...

#14 The Famous Sister - $7,500

​Sure we’re optimistic – but we love these characters, and their story, and you will too! YOU GET EVERYTHING plus an opportunity to be an extra in the series.

Tammy was raised to be beautiful and attract a successful husband, and she did when she married college football player, lawyer-to-be, Richard Durant. When they had their children, Jenny and David, her life was complete...until Richard left her without acknowledging why. When Jon appears in Richard’s life, Tammy convinces herself that Richard is only experimenting with bisexuality. Convinced she’ll be able to get her husband back once he gets over “this thing,” she maintains a close (and sometimes intrusive) relationship with him and shows up whenever she knows he’ll be somewhere.

We Need Your Help

He met Jon in high school after he moved here from Ireland, and they quickly formed their first band.  Aiden is reluctant to give up his hard partying ways and has never settled down. He’s the rocker who wants to stick to  his heavy metal roots even though the business side is demanding they recut songs in different genres.

Regina Hardy (Orange is the New Black, Gotham) as Lanie Randall

A successful divorce lawyer who married his childhood sweetheart right out of college. The college football player left his wife, Tammy, though he never told her the real reason. He finally came out publicly when he got serious with his late in life partner, Jon. Jon brings out the carefreeness in Richard that he’d never known before.

Richard and Tammy’s daughter. Jenny is a sassy, smart-talking goth girl who loves her parents, though she rebels through her clothes and attitude. She didn’t blink an eye when her father introduced her to Jon; she’s way too cool for that. An aspiring musician, Jon helps her with her songwriting, and she loves the attention she gets from her two Dads.

John, co-manager of Intention Films and Media, graduated with his MFA in Technical Design and Production from the Yale School of Drama. He is currently the Technical Director at the LaGuardia High School (The "Fame" school) of Music & Art and Performing Arts in NYC and an adjunct professor at City Technical College along with producing The Last Taxi Driver, Leaving, By Blood and Junkie Heaven.

#5 The Personal Trainer - $100

​​You get everything listed above with the addition of a SPECIAL THANKS in the credits of the film and an invitation for you and a guest to the cast and crew screening of the pilot (transportation not included).

Gary is Richard’s college football buddy. He befriends the couple, and he and his wife adore Jon as well, but when push comes to shove, he’s always there for Richard. He has the “family” that Jon would like to have.

Choose your perk and donate**!

​​​**Please see bottom of page for more on donations

#3 The Daughter – $25

Thank you! You’ll be given access to our production diary and a shout out on our social media pages! Be sure we have your email, follow along as we proceed with the production!

The band’s business manager, Maxine is a tough business person and one of Jon’s oldest friends. They were lovers when she was still a male. He credits her with “making him everything that he is” in the music world. She pushes him, and deep inside, still has feelings for him.

David, Richard and Tammy’s youngest child, is a genius... literally. He gave up a free ride at MIT to become an actor, despite his father’s urging to at least take acting classes as per of a college curriculum.

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As the Nassau County Film Commissioner through three administrations, Debra also was a founder and programmer for LIIFE, the Long Island International Film Expo, for the past 19 years. She is an award-winning director and producer for her films The Last Taxi Driver and Leaving. Her third film, By Blood, is just entering the festival circuit now. Debra has also cast and produced films for other directors. She is the author of the Karmic Wind Trilogy (Naked in the RainSarah and Caleb, and Karmic Wind).

Couple of Guys

​How You Can Help

As the rest of our perks are for donation amounts that exceed Paypal's limit of $10,000, please mail a check to the above address or contact us directly for further information.

Please make your check out to: Intention Films and Media and mail to:

Debra Markowitz
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Please be aware that donations are NON-REFUNDABLE!

A studio guitarist who works with Jon and Aiden while having her own band.

#9 The Swingers - $700


All of the above PLUS one-week, online private screening access to the Couple of Guys pilot.

#1 The Restaurant Owner  - $5 or less

Thanks for pushing us a small step closer to our goal!  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Brian O'Halloran (Clerks, Clerks II, Dogma) as Paul Shea

Ciarán Sheehan (​The Phantom of the OperaLes Miserables​ on Broadway) as Aidan McGlynn

**Set etiquette will be explained to you prior to your time spent on set. You MUST adhere to set etiquette. If you do not, or are found disruptive, you will be asked to leave set. Filmmaking is fun, but hard work! Thank you for understanding!

Donations are non-refundable.

All actors have expressed interest, but schedules or script revisions may add or change roles/actors at the director's discretion. Some actors will not appear until future episodes and/or seasons.

Depending on how much money is raised by our deadlines, other episodes may be filmed first or instead of the “pilot”. If that is the case, every perk that applies to the pilot, will be transferred to an episode that is filmed.

It is the responsibility of the donor to be available for the events and/or filming if that is part of their perk. No money will be refunded if they are not.

Production company may change cast or crew without notice with no repercussions from donors.

Donors are not entitled to any money that may be made from this project and are entitled only to perks as specified/agreed upon.**

Max Tamarkin (Viral) as David Durant

#4 The Son - $50

​You’ll receive all of the above perks AND a digital copy of the script upon completion of filming.

Writer/Director/Executive Producer Debra Markowitz

Deborah Twiss (Blue Bloods, Kick-Ass) as Tammy Durant

Our Talent

Our cast was very carefully selected highlighting both veteran stage and screen actors as well as up and coming talent. All actors have expressed interest, but schedules or script revisions may add or change roles/actors at the director's discretion.

Get to know a little bit about the characters here!

And frequent collaborator Marc Riou will be our DP. Check out his reel here:

Eddie McGee (The Human Race, Big Brother) as Michael McVetty

Also! Take a look over the previous work of Couple of Guys director and writer Debra Markowitz. Her writer's reel can also be viewed here.

#11 The Adoption Lawyer - $2,500

​All of the above plus your own IMDb credit.

#12 The Love Birds - $3,500

​YOU GET EVERYTHING, PLUS a small digital photo album of Jon and Richard's wedding pictures with signatures from some of the cast.

Robert Clohessy (The Avengers, The Wolf of Wall Street, Blue Bloods) as William Reed

Martha Trachtenberg as Evie Karr  

Lukas Hassel (The Blacklist​, Blue Bloods​) as Jon Graham

#13 The Baby - $5,000

​All of the above, plus an Associate Producer Credit AND former Phantom of the Opera and Broadway star Ciaran Sheehan, will sing you a song over the phone!

Andy Peeke as Hale Raske

#8 The Interpreter - $500

All of the above plus *ONE* entry into a random draw raffle for a screen used prop or wardrobe piece with Certificate of Authenticity.

#2 The Boy Toy - $10

Thank you! You will be given a shout-out on our social media pages!

​#15 - Richard - $10,000


​​All of the above, but you get a CoProducer Credit AND, dedicate the Pilot (short film version) to someone you love

Maxine’s father, William Reed, a raging alcoholic who is always supportive of his daughter, though he always thought that Jon and Maxine would end up together, having been “boys next door.” He means well, but always winds up putting his foot in his mouth.

Noelle Diane as Jenny Durant

Sal Rendino (The Get Down, Billions) as Richard Durant

Our Producers

Michael is Jon and Richard’s friend and personal trainer. He’s all business in the gym, and a wise-ass everywhere else. He watches Maxine’s numerous flings come and go, but he’s been secretly sweet on her from the beginning.

Kevin Brown (30 Rock, Sex and the City 2, Late Show with Conan O'Brien) as Gary Charles

Jon’s youth was spent as a touring musician, legitimately filled with sex, drugs and rock and roll.  His career later morphed into music publishing and scoring films and television shows. When he meets Richard, it becomes clear to him that he is ready to settle down and have a homelife. His wildness is tamed when they marry, and he questions if slowing down will change his appeal to Richard. He desperately wants them to be a “real” family. 

#10 The Musician - $1,000

​All of the above, plus, a personal THANK YOU letter from the director.

#7 The Hot Ex-Wife - $250

All of the above, AND you get a physical pilot script with the signature of most of the actors.

Joslyn DeFreece (Carl(a)​, numerous CNN appearances) as Maxine Reed

Our pilot will be the most expensive because: 

1) All our main actors will be in it 

2) All our name talent will be in it 

3) We want to buy our equipment so that each additional episode becomes much less expensive. 

4) Liability insurance will be covered for every episode from the beginning 

5) Main production design and decorating Richard and Jon’s house, the main setting of the series, will take place as early as the pilot. 

6) Our PR firm’s costs are built into the pilot. 

7) A majority of the legal fees involved will be front loaded.

Costs for each episode drop dramatically after this!**

**Please see bottom of page for more information

#6 The Yoga Instructor - $150

​All of the above PLUS your name entered into a random draw raffle for a perk of greater value (Five Different Perks listed from #6 - #23 chosen at random. While all the other perks are cumulative, this perk is only available to one donor in each of the higher categories).

Hale is one of Jon’s clients. A filmmaker who uses Jon’s scoring expertise, he’s a demanding hard-ass who forges a relationship with the couple, though his interests in Jon and Richard expand beyond the realms of business and friendship. He respects their boundaries, but makes it clear, if a third is needed, he’s always up for some fun.

Paul is a justice of the peace who marries Jon and Richard. He becomes a family friend who they go to when times get rough. A religious man with a sarcastic demeanor, he’s a card shark who believes spirits move him to win at their weekly poker games.

​Our Team

Born and raised in Denmark, Lukas is an accomplished actor and writer, having studied at The Samuel Beckett Theatre School, Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Lukas can be seen in Law and Order: CSIBlue Bloods, the Sundance award winning short Man About Town and the multi-award winning short Into the Dark. ​He lives with his awesome husband in Chelsea, Manhattan.

Richard's no nonsense business partner. Tough, shrewd, an attorney to be reckoned with, but there in a pinch if the Guys need her.

I've Already Donated...

What Else Can I Do?

More of our celebrity friends will be making appearances – we’ll keep you posted as they confirm! 

The Story

In Couple of Guys, musician Jon and divorce attorney Richard have the perfect marriage... until Jon’s maternal instincts kick in and Richard’s ex-wife, who is still in love with him, interferes in their lives.

#16 - Jon - $15,000

All of the above, but you get a Producer Credit. AND if you live in the tri-state area and have a piano - former Phantom of the Opera, Broadway star Ciarán Sheehan, will go to your house and sing for you and your guests for one hour. If you don’t have a piano, he can bring his taped music.

#17 - The Hot Filmmaker - $20,000

All of the above, but you get Co-Executive Producer Credit AND dinner with the director and one of the actors. A choice of three restaurants in New York will be given (Not including transportation).

#18 -  The Broadway Star - $25,000

All of the above, but you get an Executive Producer Credit AND you (or a person of your choosing) gets to read for the Director’s next project (or for another project for which you fit a role).​

#19 - The Demanding Law Partner - $30,000

All of the above and read to play either the store clerk or the restaurant waiter/waitress. This will be awarded according to skill. Depending on your type, we may be able to write a small part for you.​

#20 - The Intern - $35,000

All of the above, and we name a character after you.

#21 - The Successful Web Series! - $40,000

All of the above, and you get to pitch a story idea to the Director for one episode of the series or your own personal project. No guarantee of project’s production.**

#22 - Jon & Richard - $50,000

All of the above, and you get to trail the director (quietly) during one day during the filming of the pilot or another episode of the first season.**

#23 - The Couple of Guys - $60,000

All of the above AND you get to play Director for three takes of one scene (of the Director’s choosing).**

 **Set etiquette will be explained to you prior to your time spent on set. You MUST adhere to set etiquette. If you do not, or are found disruptive, you will be escorted off set. Filmmaking is fun, but hard work! Thank you for understanding! Please see bottom of page for more information.

Debra Markowitz has put together an ensemble cast that will surround our Guys and live with them through all the ups and downs of their relationship. You will laugh, you might cry, and you'll be part of the family throughout. Bringing characters to life is what Ms. Markowitz does best (the actors she casts win awards!), and you'll enjoy watching the story unfold. What more noble cause is there in art than making your audience "feel?"

Couple of Guys is challenging for awards and it hasn't even been made yet! The script for the Wedding Scene is a finalist for the Brightside Tavern Shorts Film Fest script writing award and a nominee for the 2017 Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival Best Script Award!


Please see the How You Can Help and What Else Can I Do?​ sections below for more on how you can help us bring this funny, engaging and all around touching story to life.

Script Consultant/Actor Lukas Hassel