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The Last Taxi Driver

Dorman O'Merain is pissed. He refuses to give up his taxi route when most of the inhabitants left in post-apocalyptic America are zombies. But sometimes the remaining humans are less predictable than the zombies.

Robert Clohessy (Blue Bloods) is The Last Taxi Driver. Also starring Deborah Twiss, Emily Jackson and Vincent Ticali, The Last Taxi Driver was written, directed, executive produced and cast by Debra Markowitz.

The Last Taxi Driver has been traveling all over. It was nominated for Best Short Film at the Coney Island Film Festival. Many congratulations are in order as Robert Clohessy won for Best Actor at the Atlantic City Cinefst and Taxi also won Best Horror short there as well! Congratulations as well to Deborah Twiss, who was nominated for a Best Actress award at the Golden Door Film Festival.

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