- Check out the Couple of Guys page for our new PROMO video!

By Blood has been accepted into the 2017 Brightside Tavern Short Film Festival! Not only that, but in progress scripts for Couple of Guys and Brothers​ are both finalists in the festival's script writing contest. By Blood​ will be showing Sunday, March 5, 2017 at 4:45 PM at the Brightside Tavern (141 Bright St., Jersey City, NJ 07302).

The Last Taxi Driver has been accepted into the Macabre Faire Film Festival. Tickets are on sale now! The film will be screening January 13-15, 2017 at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Ronkonkoma, NY. The film will show in Room D on Friday the 13th (8:00 PM) and Sunday the 15th (1:35 PM).

Debra Markowitz will also be appearing on two panels during the festival, one on Saturday, January 14th at 3:15 PM ("Women in Film") and the other Sunday, January 15th at 1:30 PM ("Casting from Both Sides: A Director and CD's Perspective"). All tickets are available here.


Reviews are already coming in for The Waiting Room and Chosen!

- Take a look at these screen shots from the recent shoot for The Waiting Room!

- The trailer for Chosen is now available for viewing! Check it out!

- Also, what's better than one promo...?


Check out our comedy promo for Couple of Guys. It's up now!



The Last Taxi Driver can now be seen on Shorts International (Channel 573)! It initially aired at 8:00 PM on November 3, 2017. Check back for info on upcoming showtimes!

The Waiting Room will be showing at the Williamsburg Independent Film Festival in November. Details are available on the film home page.

- And congratulations are in order! Debra Markowitz was named Best Director at the 2017 Atlantic City Cinefest for The Waiting Room.


- Both The Last Taxi Driver and Leaving will be coming soon to DirecTV! Details are forthcoming!

The Waiting Room has been accepted into the Golden Door International Film Festival and will be showing Saturday, October 7that 1:00 PM! You can purchase tickets here!

​- Also, Shoot Me Nicely has won the Best Pilot award at the prestigious, Oscar-qualifying Hollyshorts Film Festival 2017! Along with My Cross to Bear (Flickers Rhode Island) and Chosen (LA Shorts), that's three films Debra Markowitz has been involved with that have been accepted into Oscar-qualifying film festivals!


- Congratulations to Couple of Guys! The film script recently won the award for Best Script at the 2017 Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival

- Thank you for making our Couple of GuysTable Read Fundraiser a success! A great time was had by all. Now let's really get this series going!

- We're happy to announce The Waiting Room will be making our world premiere at the Soho International Film Festival (June 15 - June 22, 2017)! Details are forthcoming.

Be sure to stop by the Oceanside Library on January 17, 2017 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM for an informal chat with Debra Markowitz!


​- Tickets are selling fast for our Couple of Guys Table Read Fundraiser! Come on out and help us make this series happen!

- Check out Hype Orlando's recent Indie Film Scene interview with Debra Markowitz.

- Our Links page has been updated; check out Debra Markowitz'sVimeo page.


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The Waiting Room will be screening at these film festivals in July:


    Art is Alive Film Festival (as a Showcase Film) - July 22, 2017

    Brightside Tavern Film Festival - July 28, 2017

    Peekskill Film Festival - July 29, 2017

- We are proud to announce that Living with the Dead has been sold and is beginning its distribution journey on July 12, 2017! Don't miss out on this beautiful feature. For the most up to date information, please visit our offsite Living with the Dead page.

"A runaway girl, Max McLean, adventures into the forest with a young man named Ish who helps her find meaning in her boyfriend's suicide."

- STUFF has distribution as well! This feature has won awards all over the world, and now you can see it too! Visit Aspire Films Productions for more information.
"A married lesbian couple raising two daughters find themselves in a mid-life crisis where grief and attraction threaten their domestic nucleus."

The Last Taxi Driver, Leaving and By Blood, three shorts by award winning writer and director, Debra Markowitz, are on Vimeo on Demand!

- More reviews are coming in for Chosen and The Waiting Room!


The Waiting Room can be seen at multiple film festivals this month. Check out the home page for details!


- Please visit our Appearances page for some big news about our upcoming Couple of GuysTABLE READ FUNDRAISER!

- Check out Debra Markowitz's bio page to watch her latest Director's Reel!

The Waiting Room trailer is up! Check back regularly for updates as the film begins to make its festival run.

By Blood has kicked off March by winning the award for Best Screenplay at the Brightside Tavern Short Film Festival .

- Big news from the 2017 Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival! Not only has By Blood been nominated for THREE awards (Best Script, Best Ensemble and Best Director), Brothers and Couple of Guys are also up for the Best Script award! The festival will be happening the weekend of May 20th-21st 2017!

Showtime information will be posted soon, but tickets are available now!


The Waiting Room​ has been accepted into the Atlantic City Cinefest! Showtime information is forthcoming.

- Join us Saturday night, October 7, 2017, for a Couple of Guys Fundraiser!


Chosen has been accepted into the LA International Shorts Film Festival! This is an Academy Award-nominating festival, so this is an especially huge honor! The festival will be happening between August 2-10, 2017. More info on showtimes soon.

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