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Also, a special CONGRATULATIONS to Leaving star Sal Rendino!

Sal has been cast for a major, recurring role in the Netflix series The Get Down! Way to go, Sal!

“Writer/director Debra Markowitz ("The Last Taxi Driver") has been making a name for herself by finding new life in genre conventions. "Leaving" is a prime example of that -- it's a meditation on the nature of grief and what it means to die, from both the perspective of those that are gone and their family members.” - Forest City Short Film Review - Nicholas La Salla - 4/10/15

"I have now screened three of this gal's films. ["Leaving"] is the one that I treasure most out of them all. Every moment matters in terms of its higher meaning. I watched it four times, cried each time. It will melt your heart and make you cognizant of how the love in life is both precious and pertinent. Avalanche of applause to its filmmaker Debra Markowitz, as well as lead actor Molly Ryman. She was just a bunch of breathtaking. Loved the powerful presence of Sal Rendino. Last but not least, Joseph as the loving yet somewhat lost husband. Please support the work of these fine folks." Cindy Mich - Film Reviewer

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Congratulations are in order as Leaving has won the Directors' Choice Award for Best Film in the Northeast Film Festival! Leaving has also won big at the Atlantic City Cinefest! Congratulations to Molly Ryman for winning Best Actress in a Short Fantasy and Debra Markowitz for winning Best Director of a Short Fantasy.

​*** Leaving can now be seen on DirecTV (details soon) and Vimeo on Demand! ***

Sometimes leaving is the only way home.

Emily Hemming has a husband, children and life she loves. Events beyond her control cause her to leave her family, but she clings to them knowing she can't stay. This spiritual journey of knowing when to let go is a lesson for us all.

Leaving stars Molly Ryman, Joseph A. Halsey (Days of Our Lives​), Sal Rendino (The Get Down on Netflix), Diane Yatauro, Cristian Neenan and Donna Sirianni.